While traffic tickets are not always criminal in nature, they can assuredly be costly in a number of ways. Of course, certain citations can also be serious legal situations when they include allegations of reckless driving or even driving under the influence. Penalties for criminal charges can be harsh, and they can include incarceration, significant fines, service fees, and driving privilege suspension. Even when you have received a ticket for a minor infraction, it may still be best to defend against the case in court by obtaining representation from the lawyers at Forman & Associates.

Fine Prepayment

Be careful of fine prepayment — if you pay the ticket without going to court you ADMIT GUILT, when you pay the ticket and prohibit your ability to contest that ticket later in a court of law. This prepayment to avoid attorney fees is can significantly increase your insurance premiums and if you drive for a living, either as a commercial CDL driver, or just drive a company car, you risk losing your job. In the long run, it can be more cost effective to hire a lawyer and plead not guilty because we can negotiate and *fight *the case on your behalf.

What an Attorney Can Do

Traffic ticket attorneys are officers of the court, and your legal representative from Forman & Associates can interview the officer before court and then question them on the stand in order to beat your charges. Charges can often be reduced to an infraction that is far less harmful against your driving record, and it could result in a reduced or discharged fine. Even though there could still be associated court costs, which are usual minor, the impact on the driving record can be minimal, and long-term affect can be eliminated in many instances.

Defending against a traffic ticket in many ways is as important as defending against a criminal matter. Elements of a guilty plea can impact your life for many years. Kentucky residents should always call Forman & Associates to get a Free Consultation before paying their ticket.