Shoplifting is a criminal charge of varying degrees ranging from theft of a piece of candy to concealing any product of high value on your person or a carrying container with intent to take the item without paying. The value of the item can impact the level of the charge significantly, as can the method of taking the merchandise. People are apprehended and law enforcement is called over the most minor of issues in many instances, all of which will necessitate retaining an attorney to *fight *the claims of the businesses when the case goes to court. When you are charged with shoplifting, you need a bulldog trial lawyer from Forman & Associates in your corner.

Defending the Charges

It is typically incumbent on the prosecutor to prove the defendant actually stole an item in a shoplifting case. However, many times the defendant never even left the premises. This is accomplished for those without effective legal counsel by presenting a video as supporting evidence that the apprehension by store employees was indeed necessary. That could also be construed as illegal detainment when the case is evaluated in a trial, and no prosecutor wants trial in a shoplifting case. Your attorney from Forman & Associates can take the case to a trial when needed.

Case Negotiations

The typical defendant has little ability to negotiate a reduction of charges or a case dismissal in court. The claims of the retail establishment officials will clearly outweigh any verbal defense from the defendant, not to mention inability to negotiate a case settlement on their own. Having an experienced private attorney means you have a personal officer of the court arguing on your behalf, and more importantly bargaining for an end to what is often a weak case for shoplifting charges.

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