Depending on the facts and circumstances surrounding a case, an assault in the Commonwealth of Kentucky can be charged as either a misdemeanor or a felony. Conviction of an assault in the first, second or third degree is a felony. Conviction of an assault in the fourth degree is as a misdemeanor. Should you be convicted of an assault, not only can you face incarceration and fines, you will also carry a criminal record. That record can affect job, educational and housing opportunities in the future.

Your words Will be Used Against You

If you cooperate with police and prosecutors without the benefit of an attorney, your words WILL an be used against you in efforts to obtain a conviction on what might otherwise be a weak case. The experienced and effective attorneys from Forman & Associates are going to build an aggressive defense for you. That defense could cause prosecutors to negotiate down the charges against you. It might even operate to have the charge dismissed in its entirety.

Upon Your Arrest

Police will want to question you about the incident that resulted in your arrest. Invoke your right to remain silent and right to an attorney. Don’t give police and prosecutors the evidence that they need to convict you with. Politely refuse to answer any questions until such time as you’re able to contact the attorneys at Forman & Associates.

If we’re retained to represent you, our main objective is to obtain a dismissal of the charge or a not guilty verdict. Considering all of the facts surrounding the case against you, a plea agreement might also be in order to a reduced charge if we cannot get a dismissal. No matter what police say, don’t answer *any questions *or give *any statement or confession*. Neither the police nor the prosecution are bound by *any deals *they might offer you. Contact Forman & Associates first for a free consultation and case review.