Domestic violence has been increasingly placed under public scrutiny over the last 25 years. Legislators, prosecutors and even judges say that they want to change a culture, when in fact, the overwhelming majority of people don’t engage in violence of any kind. They abhor it.

You’ll Be Monitored

Being charged with domestic violence is embarrassing and stressful, especially when personal and family issues are brought to the forefront. If you plead guilty to the offense, the government will become even more intrusive in your life. You’ll be required to pay large fines and attend and successfully complete a domestic violence intervention program. If you’re arrested on the charge again, the government will be standing on your shoulders.

People Take Advantage of the System

What’s particularly distressing about domestic violence cases is the unequivocal fact that arrests are often made based on nothing but a statement of another person, which is, more often than not, either wholly or partially untrue. The lawyers at Forman & Associates have seen that many times in the past. We all sympathize with a woman who is in court with a black eye and a broken nose, but the courts are no place for defendants who have been unjustly accused by an alleged victim who is just trying to take advantage of the system.

The prosecution has the burden of proving a person who is accused of domestic violence guilty beyond a reasonable doubt. Don’t give police a statement or evidence of any kind. Invoke your right to remain silent and your right to an attorney. If you’re under investigation for domestic violence, or you have been accused of the crime in or around Louisville, you must retain an experienced and effective domestic violence defense attorney immediately. Contact the lawyers at Forman & Associates right away for a Free Consultation. You don’t want to be convicted of a crime that you didn’t commit.