He was very pleasant and very interested and actually listened to my concerns. He not delay on the situation and moved quickly to getting things done for me. THANKS

Jordan T.

Mr. Foreman is the man!I am a CDL driver and recently i got a ticket for doing 20 mph over the posted speed limit. This man somehow managed to get this charge completely dismissed. I had a career opportunity of a lifetime on the line so I was very upset and nervous about this ticket. I probably asked this man a million questions and he always answered them promptly and fully. This guy is the real deal.

Brandi H.

Had a great experience with the DUI Guy. No questions went unanswered. I was absolutely terrified and they helped make a horrible experience better. Would 100% trust them with any legal issue. Very straight forward with everything going on you won’t be sorry.

Emily B.

I met Larry almost a year ago now and he’s a great man in and out of the courtroom. I needed his help when my fiancé ran into some trouble with child support. He helped us avoid a felony and over a year in jail! His associate also informed us that they’d be there in 5 years to help expunge it from his record. Thank you so much for your help!!!

Shirisma S.

Easy to contact and Quick solution to my problem! Thanks for your help!

Ana B.

Larry is awesome to work, very satisfied with the outcome of the case!!

Breanna C.

Easy to work with and got me the best deal I could’ve asked for. He didn’t just push me to the side, he genuinely fought for me! Would recommend him to ANYONE!

Jordan T.

Hey guys, I am here to tell you my story about how awesome this man is. I am currently a CDL driver, and I got a job opportunity of a life time. The following week I got a ticket doing 20 MPH over. Needless to say I was devastated that I did that to myself. This man answered all 1 million of my questions (literally 1 million) promptly and fully. Took care of everything I never had to speak to a another person other than him. He got my charge completely dismissed. The amount of gratitude and disbelief I have toward this man is immeasurable. Thank you DUI guy! You are the real deal.