Swift & Supportive Attorney. After a horrible experience with the first male attorney I hired, I searched for a “seasoned, female” attorney to represent me in my 1st DUI charge. However, those female lawyers wouldn’t return my call: Thankfully Larry did! He was swift & professional. My “sketchy DUI” charge was reduced to reckless driving. A huge victory & relief for me! Thank you Mr. Forman! Keep up the good work .


DUI down to Careless Driving. I live out of state, and had an old DUI charge. Larry was able to plead it down to Careless Driving, and i didn’t even have to appear in court. Amazing guy.

Shelby R.

Awesome! I contacted Larry Forman about a speeding ticket that I received that would have automatically gave me a double suspension on my license. He allowed me to make payments until my court date and was always available anytime I contacted him. The morning of my court date, he called and informed me that he got both of my charges DISMISSED and all I had to do was go to State Traffic School and pay a small fee for court cost and my fine. I am so thankful he saved my license! I will definitely recommend him to anyone that needs a awesome traffic lawyer!


Speeding Ticket. Larry did a terrific a job. He saved my license from getting suspened and got all three charges dismissed. I would reccomend him to everyone.

Storrie S.

Larry works diligently to get the job done! I highly recommend him to ANYONE needing legal services.

Adrien P.

Called me back personally the same day to let me know what I was facing. I could have lost my license for speeding! Told me he could get me traffic school and no points on my license. I didn’t have to miss work and go to court! Mr. Forman took care of business and now the rest is up to me. I chose Mr. Forman by reading Google reviews. Now here’s my testimony for what he can do. If you in a jam, give him a call to see what he can do for you.

Clark C.

Larry done an excellent job defending me in my Dui case. I would without a doubt recommend him very strongly to anyone going through similar situations.

Corey D.

Good lawyer straight to the point. Handle my case quickly and professionally. I had a speeding ticket for 26 miles per hour and over which would have costed me my driver’s license which would have costed me my job . He saved my license which intern saved my job.