Mega Matt

I contacted Larry about my traffic violations case and somehow he managed to get all of my chargers either dropped or reduced to minimum.. Couldn’t have asked for a better person to handle my case. All contact was directly from him and always on time until the trail was complete.. Highly recommend Larry if you’re in a jam or unsure how you should go about court.

Johhny E.

My case was handled wonderfully from start to finish. I called Larry and he calmed me down right away, reassured me I was in good hands and let me know realisticly what to expect. A few months later I got a call to say my case was dismissed!! Wish I knew him when i was getting divorced. Not to mention he also followed up with me later on AGAIN as I messed up and forgot to pay a tiny fine which would have gotten me an arrest warrant if unpaid! CLASS SERVICE! Thanks Larry!

Queta Q.

As promised ” It was a pleasure working with Larry Forman. I needed help with my daughter’s court dates and the fact that she miss her date in court. Because she had move out of State. The court keep delaying her court date four times. That was four months trying to take care of this problem before she left Louisville and she was missing work every time she went. Larry was easy to work with, specially us being out of State in California. He keep me inform every time he went to the court and help us take care of issues, problems, fees at the court. I would used him again if I needed help again. (I hope not) Thank you Larr

Donald L.

I contacted Larry after being charged with a DUI. As you could imagine my wife and I were in a complete panic. Larry was able to calm my nerves and gave me great confidence in his abilities to handle my situation. Shortly after Larry was able to get my DUI charge dropped. No more worries about fines to pay, probation time, losing my license etc…My wife and I were finely able to relax and start looking forward. A DUI is a very serious charge so don’t just leave it in anyone’s hands. Call Larry Forman and discuss your case with him. He sincerely cares about your rights and will do everything in his power to get you the resolution you deserve. Thanks again Larry.

Bounded Jaguar

This man is awesome. I had a reply to an email in less than 18 hours. I had my problem solved within 72 hours. And all of this with a 20 minute phone conversation. The consultation is free, but it would have been well worth paying for. If you have a problem with a driving record call Larry !

Patrick S.

Polite, professional, driven, and extremely intelligent. Even if you think you have a losing case, this guy will fight for you.

Alan R.

Great to work with! Easy as could be and the results were just what I was looking for!

Mikhail S.

Larry did a good job getting rid of my traffic violations. Even when we had a slight disagreement, Larry quickly came up with a solution that worked for both of us.