Dylan S.

Wonderful!!! Experience with Larry Forman. I was originally charged with DUI & other smaller charges.First Lawyer I had didn’t know what he was doing which made me switch to Larry. & He got The Job Done!! All charges drop & took the plea for Careless Driving. Highly Recommend Him 🙌 🙌 .

Globe Auto


Jeff M.

I was pulled over, arrested, and charged with a DUI, reckless driving, and speeding 15 mph over the limit. Blew UNDER the limit at a .071 and the prosecutor was still taking me to trial. The day before the trial she wanted to negotiate to avoid trial so Larry was able to get ALL THREE charges dropped, in exchange for a faulty equipment charge on my truck of which there is none but I’ll take that all day long! He was fantastic! And I ALWAYS dealt DIRECTLY WITH HIM. He’s very knowledgeable and takes his time explaining everything you want and need to know. HIGHLY recommended! Thanks again Larry for doing an amazing job!


It has been several years since I was discharged from the military. After serving for many years with one deployment of duty to Iraq, I was honorably discharged but had issues dealing with depression that led to drinking and self-destructive behavior. During this tough time in my life, I made poor decisions that led to drinking and driving charges in more than one occasion. A few years ago, I consulted with different criminal law attorneys about expunging those DUI charges from my record but, according to them, it was not possible. Due to my criminal record, I lost chances to advance professionally and job opportunities. A couple of months ago, I was researching online DUI law and ran into Mr. Forman’s Law practice. At first, I was very hesitant to contact him and only perused his website, testimonials, and YouTube videos. To be honest, it was quite intriguing to me that an attorney would called himself “The DUI Guy”. Therefore, I decided to contact him! Since he started working with me, he has been the most aggressive, attentive, and simply BADASS attorney I have ever met. First, he gave me a discount for being former military, provided excellent customer service by explaining all details about the process to help me make my decision of hiring him, and took my expungement case of those DUI charges AND other minor violations and made them go away! I am very pleased to write this recommendation for Mr. Forman for being a great professional! He is worth every single dollar paid for my representation. Thank you DUI Guy! Look no more; this is the guy you want to hire. PERIOD!

Tyron G.

This guy is a great attorney he explained everything to me in a way that I could understand

Shelby R.

I contacted Larry Forman about a speeding ticket that I received that would have automatically gave me a double suspension on my license. He allowed me to make payments until my court date and was always available anytime I contacted him. The morning of my court date, he called and informed me that he got both of my charges DISMISSED and all I had to do was go to State Traffic School and pay a small fee for court cost and my fine. I am so thankful he saved my license! I will definitely recommend him to anyone that needs a awesome traffic lawyer!


After being abandoned by the first hired attorney, Mr. Forman promptly responded & professionally handled my case. The end results were very satisfying. A DUI charge was reduced to reckless driving…a life changer in many ways! Thank you Larry!

Tommy W.

I thoroughly enjoyed my experience working with Larry. He was very helpful and informative on what steps needed to be taken to resolve my case. Everything happened the same way he explained it, the service was prompt and he answered all of my emails in very short amounts of time. I almost felt like I was the only case he was handling and that made the experience that much easier. I would recommend him to anyone, if you have questions or a case that you need handled please do not hesitate to speak with Larry.