Dara H.

Larry was great! He did exactly what he said and what we needed. I would definitely recommend him!

Ericka G.

I had a very unpleasant traffic stop. Right before I received my traffic violation I had a perfect driving record. I was very uneasy about going to court without a lawyer. I decided to call the DUI guy. Since the very beginning Larry made sure he will make my process easier for me. He always stay in contact and kepted me updated about my case. In the very end I was very pleased with my results. Thanks to Larry I was able to keep my driving record perfect. Not once did I have to appear to court. Im a busy mother of four and he made this whole process easy for me and my family. Thank you very much for that Larry. I will recommend Larry as an attorney for others. Great lawyer with great results. I am very pleased.

Will F.

Great guy knows his stuff, help me out tremendously, would recommend him to all my family.


I found Larry Forman while searching the internet for a DUI lawyer. The actual search I performed was “Greatest DUI Lawyer in Kentucky” His name and website caught my attention quickly. I read a lot of his reviews and I was immediately hooked. The next thing I did was pick up the phone and call, it was very easy. He asked me to explain my situation. He told me it would be a case he could handle. The confidence in his voice and the professionalism of his reply put me at ease. I immediately trusted him and I don’t know how I knew but I felt that I was in great hands. During my arraignment and the following court appearances, Mr. Forman’s professionalism continued to impress me and make me feel certain I had the best man for the job. Mr. Forman was able to get all of my charges dropped. I am forever grateful that I found Mr. Forman. He never accepted defeat and he helped me to believe that I could put all of this behind me. He is the kind of man you want in your corner. I would recommend him hands down to anyone facing DUI charges. I promise you will not regret choosing him to defend you. My life has returned to normal thanks to Mr. Forman!

James V.

Professional and efficient, took care of my case and saved me a lot of trouble, highly recommended.

Andrew V.

Larry was INCREDIBLE!!! He’s very helpful with any situation and explaines everything in detail!

DeAnn C.

Very helpful and informative. Would definitely recommend!

Julian R.

I was originally charged with DUI but initially hired another lawyer who did nothing for me at all, I went to Larry looking for a second opinion and he fought my case like a lion, we actually went to trial and he got my DUI completely dismissed. He is honest, reliable, intelligent. HE IS AWESOME! He saved me and my family’s life for sure. Thank you Larry Forman, it was a great pleasure to work with you!!!